Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dear MomSelect Mom,

MomSelect would like to present you with an income generating opportunity. We are continuing to build our Moms Sales Team for a cell phone provider reaching families with young children, where parents want to manage their child's cell phone usage while providing a fun experience.

The program will pay moms $25 for each phone activation. There is nothing to purchase upfront and no contracts required. We understand Moms are busy, so this is meant to be a fun way to earn additional income or raise money for your cause. Along the way there are monthly bonuses and contests. Additionally, moms will be paid each month for the on-going phone service purchases. Our current team of moms have generated income from as little as $25 to $2000 in one month!

This is the ideal position for a mom who is involved in the community, PTA, moms groups, Scouts, etc. Wherever you see an opportunity - whether it be via email to your friends/colleagues or if you happen to be hosting a booth at your child's school carnival (with school permission of course), we are open to grassroots marketing ideas. This position is meant to be an opportunity Moms can incorporate into their lives of fundraising/earning extra income, and within their other daily activities.

All participating moms will always have access to a support team.

There's no long term commitment, but we are looking to build a viable team that is willing to put effort into this project.


Moms should have access to other moms with children under 18 years old
Ability to sell and market cell phone service
Access to the Internet

Feel free to forward to a friend or organization who may be interested. For more information, please click here and we will be in contact with you.

Hope this helps a few of you looking for a little way to boost your income!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Coupons at the Right!!

I know, 2 posts in one day, huh? I just wanted to put a notice out there, if your Kroger still has the Cottonelle 4 pack of toilet paper for $.99, there is a coupon on my coupon bar at the right for $.50 off ANY 4 pack, so doubled, means free TP!
There are also several Hasbro coupons for $5.00 off Elefun, Sorry Sliders game, Twisters Hopscotch, Gator Golf, Guess Who extra game, and some Leapfrog coupons. So great to stock up on, just in time for Easter. Or better yet, put them in your gift closet for one of those last minute birthday parties your children are always invited to!

Again, I apologize for the slow posts. Hopefully, this week things will pick back up and I can get back into the swing of things, posting deals along the way.
First thing I want to mention, Walgreens:
A few good deals there this week.
Edge Shave gel or Skintimate shave gel is $2.99, when you buy one, you get a Register Reward for $3.00, so it's basically free! Just remember, you can't use your Register Reward to purchase it again or you won't get another Register Reward!
Chapstick 100 % Naturals or True Shimmer Lip Balm or Butter, .15 oz is $1.99, purchase 1 and receive a Register Reward for $1.99, again basically free!
Softsoap Body wash is $3.99, but when you purchase one, you get a Register Reward for another bottle free. The kicker here is that it is reported to be rolling, meaning, you use your coupon for a free one, and another Register Reward spits out for another bottle free! Great way to stock up, but you better hurry. I have a feeling this "rolling" won't last long!
Bayer Contour meters are on sale for $14.99. There are coupons out there that expire today (and others that don't expire until 11/30/09) to get them free. The coupon is good for UP TO $30 so they will only take off the purchase amount, in this case $14.99. But when you purchase one, you get a Register Reward for a FREE Crest Pro Health toothpaste. Another great way to stock up on an otherwise expensive toothpaste!
Reynold's Aluminum foil is on sale for $.89 with in ad coupon, use the $1.00 off coupon that expires on 4/0/09 and get $.11 overage! Be sure to give your manufacturer's coupon first!

CVS: There's not much going on there this week, except for the 2 day sale for Paas kits, they are $1.99, earn $1.99 Extra Care Bucks, some areas are reporting a limit of 2 instead of 1. So if you want 2, the best way is to purchase 1, and look on the bottom of your receipt to see if it says, "Offer Limit Reached".

I didn't see a lot going on this week at the local grocery stores, but sometimes things pop up through the week, so if I see anything, I'll be sure to post it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi everyone! Sorry for the posting delays, but thank you everyone for the condolences and prayers. I'm sure as most of you know, things have been hectic around here. But I did want to take a minute and let everyone know about Victoria's Secrets new Naturally line. You can check it out in stores, and don't forget, there's a coupon to get a FREE 1 oz. Naturally Lotion, just click HERE. The coupon expires April 12th, 2009. Enjoy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Go with God, Grandpa!

So some of you may have noticed I've been slow to post this week and last. My grandfather passed away recently and I've not been online much. The viewing is set for tomorrow evening and the funeral is Wed morning, so if you could, please keep my family in your prayers. Thank you!

From March 20th - March 27th, join in on the fun for the week long carnival style party called the Ultimate Blog Party 2009! It is THE mom-bloggers party of the year! This is my first year participating so join me, if you haven't already! And make sure and check out http://www.5minutesformom.com and join in on all the fun there!!

It has become a tradition in the “momosphere.” It is the perfect event to build your network and have some serious blogging fun, all without stepping away from your machine…

Last year, the Ultimate Blog Party 2008 had over 1500 bloggers participating and our UBP related pages had over 72,000 page views, with the actual party post receiving over 20,000 page views.

So if you want to grow your network, meet new friends or promote your site, get ready for the Ultimate Blog Party 2009!!! You could win BIG prizes, even if your not a blogger. My favorite prizes listed so far include in no particular order:
$50 gift certificate to Target (19, 21 & 22)
$25 Gift Card to Target (USC56)
$25 gift certificate from Amazon.com (USC47 &15)

Monday, March 16, 2009


For those of you who have not yet signed up with Swagbucks, now is the time to do it! You can win "bucks" by searching through Swagbucks. It's something you normally do anyway, only most people use Yahoo or Google as their search engine. Why do that when you can use Swagbucks (whose results are powered by Google) and earn "bucks" for it. Bucks can be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Target, etc. and also for items such as video games, etc. You can also earn bucks for shopping through the site, turning in old cell phones collecting dust, ipods, mp3 players, etc. If you sign up before midnight tonight, you can enter this code for an extra 2 bucks: MONEYSAVINGMETHODS

Don't forget to put the code in all CAPS and make sure there isn't an extra space at the end. To sign up, you can click here!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just wanted to let everyone know that Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are having their Give N Get Friends and Family Event from now until Sunday, March 15th. You can find some great deals using this coupon. If you would like a coupon, please click here.

And don't forget about Old Navy's new microsite, Old Navy Weekly where you can score some awesome coupons such as a $75 off $100 purchase, $50 off $100, and $5 off $25. Site is usually updated on Thursday evenings but you'll have to hurry. There's a limited amount of coupons and they are hard to get, some hidden very well!

Ok, over the last week, I've received several e-mails from Arts Cow reguarding several promotions they are currently running, equaling out to quite a few good deals for great personalized presents. I have personally ordered from them and was very happy with the services provided.

Get Personalized 11" x 14" canvas poster at only $8.99/each with free shipping. No Quantity limit!! Order now & Share with your friends!!! Use Checkout Code: CANVAS899. Expires on 4/10/2009. You can just click Here.

Also, they have five 8x10 Matte-Finish Collage Prints for $0.99 when you enter coupon code: 5PCS8X10 at checkout. Offer valid through 3/31/09.

Get a personalized Dog Tag (one side) at only $0.99/each with free shipping. 2 sides is $1.99 with free shipping. Enter coupon code: COWTAG99

Last but not least...24"x16" Doormat. Get a personalized unique collage doormat for your house at only $13.99/each, with free shipping. Get it now and share with your friends!! Just enter Checkout Code : DOORMAT1399. Expires on 04/04/2009

Again, if your interested in any of these deals, just go to Artscow!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cottonelle TP at Kroger

So I've learned from an inside source that Kroger will no longer be carrying the Cottonelle 4 packs of TP. No longer will we be able to get those free. So sad! But I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming deals for TP and post, so stay tuned. Hope is not lost.

Just wanted to give everyone a head's up that Amazon is having a HUGE Blu-Ray disc sale! Blu-Ray's as low as $13.99. Great deal, and even cheaper than going to the movies in these tough economic times! You can check out the deals Here.
Sale ends March 22, 2009 so order yours today while there's still a great selection. Some titles include Indiana Jones, Wall-E, Iron Man, Transformers, Weeds, etc.

There is also a HUGE BLOWOUT DVD sale until March 30, 2009 while supplies last. You can check them out Here. Titles include A Walk to Remember, Shawshank Redemption, Pay It Forward, Troy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Funny Farm, and much much more!!