Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If your like me, your still out shopping, trying to pick up random gifts that you've put off for too long and running out of time. Amazon has a few good deals, and tomorrow is the last day to ship them in time with 2 day shipping (Prime) so order now! Don't forget, there's also the gift closet, donations, birthdays, etc. that you can buy for now at reduced prices and hold onto until the other occasions.

Video Game Deals HERE!!

As always, happy shopping!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just wanted to list a few last minute Amazon deals while you can still use Free Super Saver Shipping with a $25 purchase and get them in time for Christmas. You can also use your Amazon Prime account for free 2 day shipping!


Other toy items on sale:

Magic Sets (I've purchased the Fantasma set, it is HUGE, and WELL WORTH that price!)

They are also having a $10 sale on several Leapster games. You can check out all Leapster games by clicking HERE!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The toy deals just keep getting better and better. Amazon has recently reduced prices further on several items throughout the toy department. I wanted to pass on these bargains to you, my readers. Please remember, at this price, please purchase extras for those that are in need. Donations are what provide many meals and gifts for children who would otherwise not get anything! Help make someone's holiday brighter! On another note, you can also buy to refill your gift closet, perfect for all those unexpected birthday parties your children are invited to!

Free super saver shipping if you spend $25, or have an Amazon Prime account. You can also use your money earned from Opinion Outpost, Saynation or Swagbucks.

Girl Items

Boy Items

Educational Items/ Items for Smaller Children

Great Deals on Video Games
Amazon is having a promotion where they have several games marked down in price by $10. If you purchase 2, you will also receive a $20 Amazon credit good on your next purchase at Amazon! There's some really good deals to be had here and you can find a list of all qualifying titles by clicking HERE.

They are also running another promotion where you save $5 on each select title, but when you purchase 2, you will also receive a $15 Amazon credit good on your next purchase! If you would like to see all available titles, please just click HERE.

And a few other good deals to note that are not included in the above promotions:

As always, Happy Shopping!!

Amazon has completed a few more price reductions worth mentioning! As always, these deals can fluctuate so it's best to get them now, before prices rise. There are deals for all ages of children, from building sets, crafts, dolls, and even video games!

Girls Toys

Boys Toys

Smaller Children

Games/Video Games

A very special thanks to the ladies at Bargain Hunting Mamas for posting many new markdowns! As always, Happy Shopping!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Since I had a request to do a posting for boy gifts, I thought I would go ahead and do a posting for girl gifts, as well. Please don't forget, if you have the extra money, at these prices, it's a great time to buy extra and donate to those who need it, especially through programs like Toys 4 Tots, Salvation Army, etc. You can also buy extra to put in your gift closet for those unexpected birthday parties, etc.

As always, Happy Shopping!

As a shopper, I think this age category is hard to find bargains for. I want to get a gift that the child will play with, without breaking the bank. Here's a few items that I think make the cut!

And although this isn't an Amazon deal, I would certainly jump on it. It's at Toys R Us. Don't forget to go through Ebates to get 2-4% cash back on your purchase! If you haven't signed up already, do so now! You'll get a $5 bonus just for signing up!

You can get a Shop 'N Cart with over 50 pcs for just $7.49! Just click here.

As always, Happy Shopping!

I had a request to make a posting reguarding inexpensive gift items for boys. As the person making the request didn't specify an age, I gathered quite a few across different age groups!

As always, Happy Shopping!!

Amazon Video Game Deals!

Amazon is having a few deals on systems, as well as games. So, if you need that one big gift for the family, here they are!

The Wii is on sale for $199.99 for the white version, but you also get a $50 gift card with purchase, making it just $149.99! The black version has also been reduced to $177.00 if you would prefer but it does not qualify for the gift card promotion.

There is a similar deal on the PS3 160 GB system. It is currently priced at $299.99, but you get a $75 Amazon gift card with purchase, making the price just $224.99, which is the lowest I've seen it go!

For a limited time, Amazon is offering $20 off select Disney titles for the Wii. To see all available titles, please click here.

As part of their 17 Days of Deals in Video Games, Amazon is having a sale on role playing games for every platform. If you would like to view all available titles, please click here.

Another good deal I came across in the Video game section was the Sonic Colors game for Nintendo DS. My son had this specific game on his list (I didn't even know it was existed) and it was just recently released in Nov. The price has been reduced to just $19.99 so I'm glad I waited!

As always, Happy Shopping!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This deserves it's own post! This is a HOT deal, and perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas without breaking the bank!

Amazon has done a few more price drops since my last post so I wanted to put those out there, as well as a couple new finds!

There is also a pretty good deal going on right now on video games. Amazon has quite a selection of video games that are Buy 1, Get 1 50% off! Most of them are also on sale, so there are definitally some good deals! You can view all of the items here or you can view them by system. Just click Wii, PS3, PS2, XBox 360, DS, PSP, or PC.

Another deal to mention is The Mummy Trilogy. It includes all 3 "Mummy" franchise movies on Blu Ray at an amazingly low price of only $15.99. When you make the purchase, you also get a $5 credit for Amazon Video on Demand, their pay per view service, which is essentially, a free movie rental!

One last item I want to mention! This items comes very highly recommended by the ladies over at the Bargain Huntings Mamas board! It's a great gift for those hard to buy for people at a stellar price!

MORE Amazon toy deals!

Oh, I just know UPS is going to love me for the next few weeks! Usually, Amazon doesn't start their good deals until around Dec. 10th or so, but they seem to have started early this year! Don't forget, you can get free super saver shipping when spending $25 or more if you do not already have an Amazon Prime account. These deals will be even better if you have gift cards from Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost or Saynation!

Keep checking back, I'm updating as often as I can find the deals! As always, Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There have been many new markdowns, some that I am very impressed with! I wanted to hurry and post them so hopefully some of my readers can also get in on these deals!
The first one I want to share is a math game that's perfect for the classrooms so if you have the extra money, purchase one and donate it to your local schools. I know they would appreciate it!It's at an amazing price and gets really good reviews!

Here's some more great deals!

This next one just looks like a lot of fun! And for the price, you can't beat it!

As always, Happy Shoppings! And another shoutout to the ladies at Bargain Hunting Mamas for bringing some of these deals to my attention!

Amazon prices seem to be dropping on quite a few items. There seems to be some good deals on toys, ranging in ages and perfect gifts for a boy or girl. Many items are under $10, which is also perfect for donations to Toys for Tots, or to put in your gift closet for upcoming birthdays, etc.

Thank you to the ladies over at Bargain Huntings Mamas
for bringing some of these deals to my attention! And as always, Happy Shopping!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another great deal coming from Amazon! Amazon has been having great sales, especially on girl items, so I'm stoked for Christmas this year for my daughter! I ordered her a few of these as well as both the big sets! Perfect! To see all products eligible for this promotion, just click here

Great for the younger kids, Pop on Pals are easy to grasp. With many different sets to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect gift for that special little one! Amazon is running a special on Pop on Pals, if you spend $40 on select Pop on Pals, you get $15 off your order! That also means that your order will qualify for the free super saver shipping if you haven't got an Amazon Prime account. Some items included in the promotion are listed below:

Happy Shopping!!

I really don't know much about these dolls, just that they are popular with the tween girls as well as the younger girl crowd around here, but I must admit, I did order one (or two or three) for my daughter and thought I would share the deal in case anyone else might be interested. Amazon is having a sale on the Liv Fashion Dolls and Accessories at just $10 or less, which makes for some pretty cheap gifts. If nothing else, they would be great to go in your gift closet for upcoming birthdays, expected or unexpected, as well as for donations!
To see all available dolls and accessories at this price, just click below!

Happy Shopping!!

For a limited time, Amazon is offering many of their Leapster game cartridges at just $10! That's 60% off many titles! Since there have been really good deals on the Leapster systems in the last few weeks, I thought many of you might be looking for the games to go with them! You can view all of the $10 cartridges by clicking here or you can click any of the below games!

Happy Shopping!!

Amazon has a deal going on right now where they are offering Dr. Seuss books at a special discount at buy 2, get 1 free BUT for some reason, when checking out, I was purchasing 2 books and it took off the cost of 1 so this may be a mistake on their part but it's worth a shot! You can just click here to see what Dr. Seuss books are available. I ordered 2 of the following books because I think they would be a great keepsake for my children!

Happy Shopping!!

Today has been pretty blah as far as deals on toys, atleast for me, BUT there are some good deals to be had out there for electronics!

Notice that when you purchase the second one, you can also get 50% off a 4 GB memory card and case. See promotion details here.

Again, another special. If you purchase that MP3 player, you get a $15 Amazon MP3 credit to your account! Most of the camcorders have really good reviews, and would make the perfect gift for older children, tweens, and teens.

If your in the market for a blu ray player, Amazon has a great deal on a LG blu ray player right now. It's a quality piece at an amazing price!

Of course, if you purchase the blu ray player, your going to need some movies to watch on it! Don't worry, Amazon has you covered there, too. They have several Blu Ray movies for less than $10. If you don't see any below that interest you, just click here to view many more!

Don't forget, for a limited time, when you purchase a blu ray movie, you also get a $5 Amazon Video on Demand credit good towards a movie or tv show.

Thank you to the ladies at Bargain Hunting Mamas for bringing these deals to light!